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* Counterfeit Sprinkler Warning *

UL Warns of Counterfeit Fire Sprinklers (Release 14PN-9)
    The following is a notification from UL that the fire sprinklers identified bear counterfeit UL Certification Marks for the United States and Canada. The fire sprinklers have not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if the fire sprinklers comply with any safety requirements.
    Although the fire sprinklers wrench boss is marked "TYCO" and the thermo bulbs are marked "JOB F5" the fire sprinklers were not manufactured or labeled by Tyco and the thermo bulbs were not manufactured or labeled by Job, GmbH., affiliates or agents.
    Name of Product: Upright TY3151; Pendent TY3251; Horizontal Sidewall PS007.
    Location: The sprinklers have been found in Vietnam and India. UL has not received reports of these counterfeit sprinklers in other locations.
    Identification: On the product: The product bears counterfeit UL and TYCO Marks and the following information on the upright TY3151 sprinkler. (Location - Vietnam)
    Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler Markings include: UL in a circle, 155°F/68°C, TY3151; "TYCO" cast into both sides of the wrench boss; Deflector material zinc plated steel (magnetic); 5mm glass bulb -Job F5.
    Authentic Fire Sprinkler Markings include: cULus in a circle, 155°F/68°C, SU, TY3151; "TYCO" incised on one side and the year of manufacture on the opposite side of wrench boss; Defector material brass with chrome or painted white (non-magnetic); 5 mm Geissler glass bulb - "G" between two triangles on one side and lot number on the other side.
    For more information and to see photographs go to www.ul.com.


UL Warns of Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler
    The following is a notification from UL that the fire sprinkler identified below bears a counterfeit UL Certification Mark for the United States and Canada. The fire sprinkler has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if the fire sprinkler complies with any safety requirements.
    Although the fire sprinkler’s wrench boss is marked “TYCO”, the fire sprinkler was not manufactured by Tyco, its affiliates, or agents.
    Name of Product: Pendent Type Fire Sprinkler
    Identification: On the product: The counterfeit sprinkler has the UL Mark on the wrench boss. The UL Certified Tyco sprinkler is provided with the UL Mark on the deflector, other differences are:
    Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler Markings: “TYCO” and “UL” marked on the sides of the wrench flat, no date code; cULus in a circle marked on the side of the frame. “68C” and  “SSP” on the deflector without TY number; Deflector material zinc plated steel (magnetic); 5mm glass bulb no markings.
    UL Certified Fire Sprinkler Markings: “TYCO” marked on one wrench flat, date code on the other wrench flat; cULus in a circle, “155°F/68°C”,”SP” and “ TY3251” marked on the deflector; Deflector material brass with chrome or painted white (non-magnetic); 5 mm Geissler glass bulb – “G” between two triangles on one side and lot number on the other side.
    To see photographs visit: http://ul.com/newsroom/publicnotices/ul-warns-of-counterfeit-fire-sprinkler-release-no-14pn-18/.
    Location: The sprinklers have been found in India. UL has not received reports of these counterfeit sprinklers in other locations.

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NFPA’s FSI Home Fire Sprinkler Grants
    To further the life-saving impact of home fire sprinklers, the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Fire Sprinkler Initiative launched a new grant program to help fund sprinkler advocacy campaigns across North America.
    The Bringing Safety Home Grant Program will assist as many as ten (10) selected U.S. state sprinkler coalitions and other safety advocates with up to $10,000 grants to support activities that showcase the importance of home fire sprinklers.
    Sprinkler advocacy is gaining momentum as more residents and policy-makers understand the value of the devices in new homes. Home fire sprinklers can reduce home fire deaths by about 80% and direct property damage by about 70%, according to NFPA research.
    The vast majority of U.S. fire deaths occur in homes. In 2013, home fires caused nearly 2,800 deaths out of more than 3,000 total fire deaths and injured more than 12,000 others in the U.S. The life-saving capability of home fire sprinklers is the reason why all model building codes require sprinklers in all new, one- and two-family dwellings.
    Lorraine Carli, NFPA’s vice president of Outreach and Advocacy said, “To help save lives, the Fire Sprinkler Initiative’s Grant Program supports the great ideas of sprinkler coalitions and other safety advocates across North America.”
    For more information visit: www.firesprinklerinitiative.org.

FMI Predicts Construction Put In Place to Grow 8%
    Total construction put in place (CPIP) for 2015 is predicted to grow 8% according to the latest report from FMI. This supports earlier FMI predictions that CPIP will top $1 trillion in 2015, something the market has not seen since 2008. This indicates that the economy is on track for a resilient recovery.
    Geographically, larger cities are experiencing strong construction growth due in part to increases in rents and declining inventory for housing and office space. The sectors expected to experience the highest growth rate are:
    • Lodging construction +16%
    • Commercial construction +15%
    • Manufacturing construction +11%
    • Office construction +11%
    • Residential construction +9%
    “The current growth cycle appears to be broad-based and sustainable,” says Randy Giggard, managing director of research services for FMI. “Most of the new construction activity is in the private sector. Projects dependent on government spending, especially those involving infrastructure, continue to be at the mercy of politics.”
     FMI is a leading provider of management consulting, investment banking, and people development services to the engineering and construction industry.
    For more information visit: www.fminet.com

Construction Employment
    Construction employment expanded in 247 metro areas, declined in 56, and was stagnant in 55 between January 2014 and January 2015, according to analysis of federal employment data by the Associated General Contractors of America.
    “The picture is very positive overall, with more than two-thirds of metro areas recording increases in construction employment over the past 12 months,” said Ken Simonson, the association’s chief economist. “However, the gains remain spotty — several states have metros at both extremes of jobs added and lost. The market is likely to remain turbulent, as the drop in oil prices creates a different set of winners and losers from what existed a year ago.”
    For more information contact: AGC of America, 2300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22201-3308; (703) 548-3118, www.agc.org.

ABC Urges Passage of Bill to:
Increase Competition on Federal Projects
    Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) voiced its strong support for the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act (H.R. 1671/S. 71). The bill, introduced by Representative Mulvaney (R-SC) and Senator David Vitter (R-LA), will increase fair and open competition on federal and federally-funded construction projects.
    In 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13502, which strongly encourages the use of government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) on federal and federally funded construction projects. PLAs are job-specific union collective bargaining agreements, which effectively steer construction contracts to unionized firms and ensure projects are built with unionized labor.
    “President Obama’s pro-PLA Executive Order is failed public policy that has resulted in increased costs, delays, and discrimination against the 86.1% of the U.S. private construction workforce that does not belong to a labor union,” said Pamela Volm, 2015 ABC national chair and president of Annapolis Contracting in Annapolis, Maryland.
    “By restricting the federal government’s ability to require or promote PLAs, the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act will create more construction jobs and help taxpayers get the best possible construction project at the best possible price by increasing competition, reducing waste, and eliminating favoritism in the procurement of federal and federally assisted construction contracts,” said Volm. “We urge Congress to immediately pass this common-sense legislation and put an end to these crony contracting schemes.”
    Studies indicate government-mandated PLAs increase the cost of construction projects in numerous markets between 12-18% compared to similar non-PLA projects.
    For more information contact: Jeff Leieritz, Associated Builders and Contractors, 440 1st Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20001; (202) 905-2104, leieritz@abc.org.

NFPA Journal Sprinkler Article
    The January/February 2015 issue of the NFPA Journal®, the official magazine for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), explores how a trend towards bigger, more aggressive fires and new research is changing how the fire service fights residential fires.
    Also featured in this issue:
    • Health Codes — Examines the complex layers of health care regulations, which can create friction with code use and impact hospital operations.
    • Sprinkler systems in nursing homes — A look at the planning and execution process for installing new sprinkler systems in nursing homes and how early efforts in sprinkler retrofit projects will help save patients’ lives.
    For more information visit: www.nfpa.org.

$1,000 Stipends for Sprinkler Demos
    The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s “Built For Life” Fire Department (BFLFD) Program offers a stipend program.
    HFSC is offering $1,000 stipends to BFLFDs to conduct live home fire sprinkler demonstrations within their communities. The stipends will pay for materials to build the side-by-side fire and sprinkler burn demonstrations and other costs to host the events.
    Only U.S. and Canadian BFLFDs may apply for the stipend. Those BFLFDs that apply must agree to implement their event and fulfill the Implementation Requirements in 2015.
     To apply for the $1,000 stipend visit: www.homefiresprinkler.org/index.php/2015-1000-side-by-side-demo-stipend.
    For more information contact: Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, 21200 N. LaGrange Road, Suite 300, Frankfort, IL 60423; 877-550-HFSC (4372); info@homefiresprinkler.org.

Building Owner Prosecuted for Fire Code Violations
    An article on March 17, 2015, in the Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica, California, said the Santa Monica City attorney’s office said it had successfully concluded the criminal prosecution of the owner of a commercial office building, located at 2105 Colorado Boulevard, for Fire and Building Code violations. 
    The city attorney’s office said the owner was charged with rendering fire protection equipment inoperable (such as fire sprinklers and fire alarms) and engaging in significant construction work without a permit. 
    The city of Santa Monica’s building official, Ron Takiguchi and Fire Marshal, Eric Binder, jointly referred the case to the city attorney’s office, after a routine fire inspection revealed that the fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems had been compromised or disabled throughout the building and substantial construction had occurred without any permits.
    The fire marshal and building official concluded that these conditions seriously jeopardized the life and safety of the building’s many occupants and the city’s fire fighters.
    On March 9, 2015, the owner pled “no contest” in the criminal case, according to the city attorney’s office. The city attorney’s office added the owner was placed on 12 months of probation and ordered to: perform 30 days of court approved community service; pay $10,000 in restitution to the city to cover city investigative costs; pay an additional $10,000 to the Building and Safety and Fire Prevention Training Fund to train and educate California Fire and Building & Safety personnel; pay hundreds more in mandatory court fines, costs, and fees; and, comply with all other applicable laws and permit conditions.
    “This is a positive and fair result,” said Takiguchi. “All businesses, including commercial property owners, must operate within state and local building and fire protection laws. These laws exist to protect the life and safety of the building occupants and first responders. Disregard of such laws puts every occupant of the building at serious risk.”

Fatal Fire in Building That Passed Life Safety Evaluation
    A PR Newswire on March 15, 2015, said a 70-year-old man was killed in a fire at the unsprinklered, 21-story residential high-rise located at 300 South Damen in Chicago. The fire occurred while the man, who was using an oxygen tank, was in bed in his unit on the 11th floor of West Point Plaza. Other residents on the floor were displaced due to the fire.
    According to the city of Chicago’s Data Portal website, the high-rise building was able to pass the city’s Life Safety Evaluation (LSE) even though the owners chose not to install fire sprinklers. The LSE required all residential high-rise buildings built prior to 1975 that do not have fire sprinklers to pass a City of Chicago Life Safety Evaluation (LSE), but allows buildings to pass with measures other than fire sprinklers.
    “This tragic fire is another example of how the city’s LSE leaves residents just as vulnerable in residential high-rises where no fire sprinklers are present,” stated Tom Lia, executive director of the nonprofit Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB). “Although the LSE measures aim to avoid the spread of fire from unit to unit, it does nothing to protect the individuals in the unit of a fire’s origin, essentially writing off those residents’ lives.”
    Lia says the city’s LSE is a ‘watered down’ version of the state code, the 2000 edition of NFPA 101: Life Safety Code, which was adopted by the Illinois State Fire Marshal in January 2002. Following the Cook County Administration Building fire in 2003, the James Lee Witt Report recommended that all high-rises in Chicago be protected with fire sprinklers.
— Thanks for sending this item go to:Kelly P. Reynolds, Kelly P. Reynolds & Associates, Goodyear, AZ

Bill Would Undo Fire Sprinkler Law
    An article by Tom Humphrey on March 19, 2015, in the Knoxville Sentinel, Knoxville, Tennessee, said despite an emotional plea from Knoxville’s fire marshal, a state Senate committee has approved legislation that will repeal all local government ordinances that now require fire sprinkler systems in townhomes built to house three or more residences.
    “We know that fire sprinklers save lives. Yet here we are talking about relaxing the code on a proven method of saving lives,” Knoxville Fire Department Assistant Chief Danny Beeler told the Senate Commerce Committee. “Please don’t take an action that will put (people)… in greater danger,” he said.
    The sponsor of SB474, Republican Senator Mike Bell of Riceville, said allowing cities and counties to impose a requirement for sprinklers increases the cost of building multi-resident homes and puts Tennessee home builders at a “competitive disadvantage” with contractors in border states that do not, including Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia.
    Bell said he has been a volunteer fireman for 20 years and appreciates the passion and professional commitment Beeler expressed, but that the bill — especially after an amendment that was adopted — represents a “reasonable step.”
    Governor Bill Haslam’s administration opposed the bill in its original form, but Bell announced to the committee that the objections — voiced by the state Department of Commerce and Insurance, which includes the state Fire Marshal’s office — have been dropped because of the amendment.
    The amendment says that, after the bill becomes law, local governments can re-enact an ordinance requiring sprinklers but only by a two-thirds vote of a city council or county commission. As originally drafted, all local ordinances would have been repealed with no option for bringing them back.
    The effect of the bill with the compromise amendment would be to void all ordinances now in effect — including Knoxville’s — but to allow local governments where the idea has strong support to revive the ordinances.
    As amended, the bill — pushed by the Homebuilders Association of Tennessee — was approved by the committee on a 7-1 vote. The sole “no” vote came from Senator Ken Yager, R-Kingston. Senator Reginald Tate, D-Memphis, abstained.
    Beeler was one of four firefighters appearing before the committee and prepared to testify against the bill, even in the amended format. Dan Johnson, Farragut’s fire marshal, was among them. Only Beeler was allowed to testify by Chairman Jack Johnson, R-Franklin.
    Jeff Burkhart of Clarksville led a delegation of homebuilder representatives who were prepared to testify in support of the measure. Burkhart told the committee that, recognizing time constraints, the homebuilders were available to answer any questions members had, but would not go into details of reasons for supporting the measure. The committee posed no questions.
    Disclosures filed with the state Registry of Election Finance show the homebuilders’ political action committee donated $26,500 to legislative candidates last year — including $1,000 each to Bell and Yager. Disclosures filed with the Tennessee Ethics Commission show the association also spent between $200,000 and $300,000 on lobbying the Legislature last year.

Galindo’s Bill for Residential High-Rise Fire Sprinklers    
    A PRNewswire item posted March 12, 2015, said just two-and-a-half months after a fatal fire killed eight senior citizens in the Wedgwood residential high-rise in Castle Hills, Texas Representative Rick Galindo has filed a bill to prevent similar tragedies.
    HB 3089 would require all residential high-rise buildings in Texas to be fully retrofitted with fire sprinklers by September 1, 2021. Representative Galindo’s response to the tragedy aims to ensure similar buildings in Texas install the life-saving technology of fire sprink­lers in order to prevent future deaths.
    “These tragic events are preventable. Even if a fire starts, technology exists and current codes should be in place to make sure people don’t die and that they aren’t physically and emotionally scarred for life,” explains Common Voices advocate and Houston resident Justina Page, who lost her 22-month-old son in a fire in 1999. “Why do we have to have tragedy after tragedy when we know what can solve our fire problem? Fire sprinklers are needed today.”
    “To say that we are grateful to Representative Galindo is an understatement. We need more policymakers to understand the important role that codes play in keeping citizens safe,” says Vickie Pritchett, facilitator of Common Voices.

Standpipe Rack Hose Video
    Supporting the association’s mission to save lives and protect property through fire safety education, the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association released an educational video on the features and benefits of standpipe rack hoses. This educational video provides an overview of standpipe rack hose systems and highlights the importance of these systems as part of balanced fire protection plan for buildings.
    “Incorporating a balanced fire protection design in commercial buildings helps to minimize safety risks by providing multiple channels for fire notification and protection,” says Duane Leonhardt, fire hose and interior equipment division chair. “Building owners, managers, and occupants play key roles in designing and executing fire protection plans, so we produced this video specifically with them in mind.”
    Standpipe rack hose systems are just one element of a complete balanced protection plan; other elements may include portable fire extinguishers, automated suppression systems, smoke detectors, and fire alarms.
    In addition to providing a summary of the components and operation of standpipe rack hose systems, the video also reviews the unique features of these systems, including: Quick suppression of fires; One-person operation; Minimal water damage; Pathway clearing for occupant rescue; Occupant protection during rescue.
    The educational standpipe rack hose video is available for viewing and sharing on YouTube and SlideShare.
    This standpipe rack hose video is the fourth educational video created and posted on the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association’s YouTube and SlideShare accounts. Other educational videos include: How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher, Your First Defense When Disaster Strikes (NFPA 1126) and UL300 – Protecting Commercial Kitchens.
    The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association is a more than 60 year-old non-profit trade association dedicated to saving lives and protecting property by providing education of a balanced fire protection design.
    For more information contact: Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, 1300 Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115; (216) 241-7333, www.femalifesafety.org.

Residential Fire Sprinklers Cost Report
    The cost to install home fire sprinklers in 51 homes in 17 communities averaged $1.35 per sprinklered square foot, down from the $1.61 average in 2008, according to a report conducted by Newport Partners (Newport) and released by the Fire Protection Research Foundation (the Foundation), an affiliate of the National Fire Protection Association. (Sprinklered square feet is a measure of total area of spaces with sprinklers.) The new report, Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment — 5 Year Update, provides a national perspective on the cost of installing home fire sprinklers.
    The primary purpose of the 2013 study was to review current home fire sprinkler costs against a 2008 benchmark study, Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment, also commissioned by the Foundation and conducted by Newport, to better understand the relationship between adoptions, various elements of cost such as installation and materials, how efficiency in design or installation may be introduced, and more.
      For more information visit: www.nfpa.org

UL & LPCB Warn of Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler
    The following is a notification from UL and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to distributors, contractors, fire departments, regulatory agencies, and authorities having jurisdiction that the fire sprinkler identified below bears a counterfeit UL Certification Mark for the United States and Canada, and a counterfeit LPCB Mark. The fire sprinkler has not been evaluated by UL or LPCB to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if the fire sprinkler complies with any safety requirements.
    For more information please see the following links:


Fire Sprinkler Calendar:

April 30-May 2, 2015
NFSA Annual Meeting + Exhibits
Hilton Bonnet Creek, Orlando, FL
NFSA, www.nfsa.org

April 30-May 2, 2015
CASA Annual Conference & AGM
Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
Orlando, FL
Debbie Tomasic
Canadian Auto. Sprinkler Assoc.
(905) 477-2270

May 5-6, 2015
Sprinkler System Plan Review
Grand Junction, CO, NFSA, Eric Gleason, (720) 470-4894

May 6, 2015
Rough & Final Inspections
of Sprinkler Systems
Brockton, MA
NFSA, Michael Repko, (845) 878-4207, mrepko@nfsa.org

May 7, 2015
Rough & Final Inspections of Sprinkler Systems
Grand Junction, CO, NFSA, Eric Gleason, (720) 470-4894

May 7, 2015
2015 Fire Protection Expo
Double Tree Hotel, Denver
Nick Trostel, CFPA, (303) 506-6140

May 8, 2015
NFPA 13, 13R, 13D, 14 Update 2013
NFSA, Eric Gleason, (720) 470-4894

May 11-22, 2015
Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning School
AFSA, (214) 349-5965 ext. 132

May 18, 2015
22nd Tony Bice Memorial Golf Tournament
Hoover Country Club, Hoover, AL
Alabama Fire Sprinkler Association
Kelly Seewald, (205) 587-7246, kellyseewald@hotmail.com

May 19-22, 2015
A-Z Installation Workshop
Dayton, OH
Fire Tech Productions, (937) 434-3473, info@firetech.com

May 20, 2015
NorCal/NV SFPE Golf Tournament/Scholarship Fundraiser
Tilden Park Golf Course, Berkeley, CA
Ron Mahlman, (925) 938-3550, rmahlman@jensenhughes.com

May 22, 2015
2nd Annual SoCal Sprinkler Day

Terri S. Leyton, AFSA San Diego Chapter, terri@tlcfire.com

June 1, 2015
18th Dean Cornwell Golf Classic

Windtree Golf Club, Mt. Juliet, TN
TFSCA-NFSA Chap. Richard Smith, (615) 254-8507
rsmith@superiorfire.net, www.tfsca.com

June 1-12, 2015
NFSA Fire Sprinkler Boot Camp
Patriot Fire Protection, Fife, WA
Michael Repko, (845) 878-4207, mrepko@nfsa.org

June 2, 2015
20th Annual Illinois Burn
Prevention Golf Invitational
Willow Crest Golf Club, Oak Brook, IL
866-264-3722, Fred Kroll, 866-264-3722, fred.kroll@usafp.us

June 3, 2015
AFSA Chesapeake 19th Golf Tournament
Renditions, Davidsonville, MD
Scott: scott.monroe@ferguson.com
Danielle: dfowler@mechanicalsalesinc.com

June 4, 2015
NFSA NJ Benefit Golf Tournament
Beaver Brook C.C., Annandale, NJ
David Kurasz, NFSA/NJSFPPA, 866-226-6006, Kurasz@nfsa.org

June 4, 2015
BAFSA Ruby Jubilee Challenge
Forest of Arden, England, UK
British Automatic Fire
Sprinkler Association
info@bafsa.org.uk, www.bafsa.org.uk

June 8-13, 2015
Hanover, Germany
Andrea Staude, Deutsche Messe
Tel. +49 511 89-31015
Fax +49 511 89-32692,

June 10-12, 2015
Inspection and Testing Workshop
Dayton, OH
Fire Tech Productions, (937) 434-3473, info@firetech.com

June 11-14, 2015
Skins & Fins & Family Weekend

South Shore Harbour, League City, TX
Travis, (214) 951-7831, travis.hitzeman@ferguson.com
or FSCATX, (281) 361-8069, info@fscatx.org

June 17-19, 2015
Fire Pumps: Inspection/Testing Workshops
Sinclair Community College Fire Sprinkler Lab, Dayton, OH
Fire Tech Productions, Inc.
(937) 434-3473
info@firetech.com, www.firetech.com

June 22-25, 2015
NFPA Annual Meeting/Expo
McCormick Place Convention Center Chicago, IL
NFPA, www.nfpa.org  

July 19, 2015
Texas Hold’em Tournament
Glenmoor Country Club, Canton, OH
Ohio Fire Safety Coalition, Julie: (216) 447-5677, julie.schade@lubrizol.com

July 20, 2015
11th OFSC Burn Invitational
Glenmoor Country Club, Canton, OH
See previous contact: Julie Schade

July 20-31, 2015
Beginning Fire Sprinkler
System Planning School
AFSA, (214) 349-5965 ext. 132
August 3-14, 2015
NFSA Fire Sprinkler Boot Camp
NFSA HQ Training Facility, Patterson, NY
Michael Repko, (845) 878-4207, mrepko@nfsa.org

August 11, 2015
Canadian Ontario Region Golf
Cardinal Golf Club, Ontario, Canada
Scott: (416) 986-3594, Debbie: (905) 477-2270, www.casa-firesprinkler.org

August 14, 2015
9th Annual Burn Aid Golf Classic
Ashland Golf Club, Ashland, NE
Rich Graham, FSCA of Nebraska
(402) 510-2951, http://fscan.org

August 31, 2015
27th Burn Center Golf Invitational
Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI
Dan: (262) 325-1958, dannfsa@aol.com

August 31-September 2, 2015
Inspection and Testing Workshop
Atlanta, GA
Fire Tech Productions, (937) 434-3473, info@firetech.com

September TBD, 2015
AFSA Yankee Golf Tournament
Sandy Burr C.C., Wayland, MA
Chris Gray, (508) 944-4900 firespeceast@comcast.net

September 8, 2015
Trade Show & NFPA 14 Seminar
Richmond Doubletree Hotel
Midlothian, VA
George Wagner, AFSA-VA
(804) 779-3921 wagnerg@mindspring.com

September 9, 2015
AFSA Virginia Chapter
Burn Survivors Golf
Richmond Doubletree Hotel
Midlothian, VA
George Wagner, AFSA-VA
(804) 779-3921 wagnerg@mindspring.com www.afsavirginia.com

September 14, 2015
NFSA-MN BurnAid Golf Classic
North Oaks Golf Club, North Oaks, MN
NFSA MN Chapter, (651) 452-8506 or Peg Bohn, pegbohn@gmail.com

September 14-25, 2015
Beginning Fire Sprinkler
System Planning School
AFSA, (214) 349-5965 ext. 132

September 16-18, 2015
Fire Pumps: Inspection/Testing Workshop
Sinclair Community College Fire Sprinkler Lab, Dayton, OH
Fire Tech Productions, Inc.
(937) 434-3473
info@firetech.com, www.firetech.com

September 21, 2015
9th Michael Minger Golf Classic
Hermitage Golf Course, Nashville, TN
Gail Minger, (850) 621-5161

September 21, 2015
SFPE/OSU 26th Golf Outing
Scioto Reserve C.C., Powell, OH
Bob: (614) 561-8145, bdd4@yahoo.com

September 22, 2015
AFSA NJ Bob Young Golf Outing
Galloping Hills G.C., Kenilworth, NJ
Al Zanga, (973) 679-1012, Gary Lederman, (914) 564-3916

September 24, 2015
FSCA of SC Charity Golf Tournament
Vellano Country Club, Chino Hills, CA
Larry Seligman, (626) 673-5345

September 28, 2015
21st KFSCA Foundation Golf Outing
Cardinal Club G.C., Simpsonville, KY
Angela Underwood, (502) 233-5322
angela@ksae.com, www.kfsca.org

September 28, 2015
Fscatx Charity Golf Classic
Trophy Club C.C., Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

September 29-30, 2015
NFPA 20 & 25 Seminar
Property Loss Control Institute
Liberty Mutual Fire Lab, Wausau, WI

September 30, 2015
21st Ken Houston Memorial Golf

Grandover Resort, Greensboro, NC
John: AFSA Carolinas, (919) 624-3456

October 10-13, 2015
AFSA Annual Meeting + Exhibit.
JW Desert Ridge, Phoenix, AZ
AFSA, www.firesprinkler.org

October 12-23, 2015
NFSA Fire Sprinkler Boot Camp
Int'l Palms Resort, Orlando, FL
Michael Repko, (845) 878-4207, mrepko@nfsa.org

October 23, 2015
Mid Atlantic AFSA Beef & Beer
Location TBD
Deb Covino, Executive Director, (215) 794-2978, mikewdeb@aol.com

October 28-29, 2015
15th International Water Mist Conference
Mercure Hotel
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bettina McDowell
International Water Mist Association
Tel. + 49 (0) 40 35085-215

November 2, 2015
Bob Mccullough Memorial Golf
Hamilton Mill C.C., Dacula, GA
Scott Donnelly, cfpsprnklr@aol.com

November 2-13, 2015
Beginning Fire Sprinkler
System Planning School
AFSA, (214) 349-5965 ext. 132

November 10-13, 2015
Fire Pumps: Inspection/Testing Workshop
SPP Pumps University, Atlanta, GA
Fire Tech Productions, Inc.
(937) 434-3473
info@firetech.com, www.firetech.com

December 4, 2015
GBA-AFSA Annual Gala

Poppy Ridge G.C., Livermore, CA
Lorelei Sweet Upshaw, (925) 954-5031

December 9-11, 2015
Fire Pumps: Inspection/Testing Workshop
Sinclair Community College Fire Sprinkler Lab, Dayton, OH
Fire Tech Productions, Inc.
(937) 434-3473
info@firetech.com, www.firetech.com

Other Future Meeting Dates:

AFSA, www.firesprinkler.org
October 10-14, 2015, Phoenix, AZ
September 16-19, 2016, Nashville, TN
NFSA, www.nfsa.org
April 30-May 2, 2015, Hilton Bonnet Creek Orlando, FL (Sem. & Exhib.)
NFPA, www.nfpa.org
June 22-25, 2015, McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, IL
June 9-12, 2016, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
June 4-7, 2017, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

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American Fire Sprinkler Association
National Fire Sprinkler Association
National Fire Protection Association
Fire Tech Productions
Oklahoma State University


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Who do you consider to be fire sprinkler allies?

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Featured Websites

Relmark Group — Risk Management Advocates for Fire Sprinkler Contractors

"NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative" website: NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative

Helpful Website:
    The Building Code Resource Library website may be of interest! It is an electronic library on building fire protection at your fingertips.

    Website: http://buildingcoderesourcelibrary.com/

Fire Protection Educational and Training Resources:
Fire Smarts, LLC

Fire Sprinkler History:
"History of Mather & Platt Ltd." (And Grinnell) By Marcel Boschi + David Drew-Smythe: http://home.zipworld.com.au/~lnbdds/Boschi/

Certification: "The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)" For more information, visit theNICET website.

"Fire Sprinkler Coalition" For more information, visit the IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition website.

"Campus FireWatch" For more information, visit the Campus FireWatch website.

"Fire Sprinkler Academy" For more information, visit the Fire Sprinkler Academy website.

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— John 16:32-33, New International Version

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