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    For job posting e-mail or fax job descriptions to Fax: 416-494-9178

* Counterfeit Sprinkler Warning *

UL Warns of Counterfeit Fire Sprinklers (Release 14PN-9)
    The following is a notification from UL that the fire sprinklers identified bear counterfeit UL Certification Marks for the United States and Canada. The fire sprinklers have not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if the fire sprinklers comply with any safety requirements.
    Although the fire sprinklers wrench boss is marked "TYCO" and the thermo bulbs are marked "JOB F5" the fire sprinklers were not manufactured or labeled by Tyco and the thermo bulbs were not manufactured or labeled by Job, GmbH., affiliates or agents.
    Name of Product: Upright TY3151; Pendent TY3251; Horizontal Sidewall PS007.
    Location: The sprinklers have been found in Vietnam and India. UL has not received reports of these counterfeit sprinklers in other locations.
    Identification: On the product: The product bears counterfeit UL and TYCO Marks and the following information on the upright TY3151 sprinkler. (Location - Vietnam)
    Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler Markings include: UL in a circle, 155°F/68°C, TY3151; "TYCO" cast into both sides of the wrench boss; Deflector material zinc plated steel (magnetic); 5mm glass bulb -Job F5.
    Authentic Fire Sprinkler Markings include: cULus in a circle, 155°F/68°C, SU, TY3151; "TYCO" incised on one side and the year of manufacture on the opposite side of wrench boss; Defector material brass with chrome or painted white (non-magnetic); 5 mm Geissler glass bulb - "G" between two triangles on one side and lot number on the other side.
    For more information and to see photographs go to www.ul.com.


UL Warns of Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler
    The following is a notification from UL that the fire sprinkler identified below bears a counterfeit UL Certification Mark for the United States and Canada. The fire sprinkler has not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if the fire sprinkler complies with any safety requirements.
    Although the fire sprinkler’s wrench boss is marked “TYCO”, the fire sprinkler was not manufactured by Tyco, its affiliates, or agents.
    Name of Product: Pendent Type Fire Sprinkler
    Identification: On the product: The counterfeit sprinkler has the UL Mark on the wrench boss. The UL Certified Tyco sprinkler is provided with the UL Mark on the deflector, other differences are:
    Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler Markings: “TYCO” and “UL” marked on the sides of the wrench flat, no date code; cULus in a circle marked on the side of the frame. “68C” and  “SSP” on the deflector without TY number; Deflector material zinc plated steel (magnetic); 5mm glass bulb no markings.
    UL Certified Fire Sprinkler Markings: “TYCO” marked on one wrench flat, date code on the other wrench flat; cULus in a circle, “155°F/68°C”,”SP” and “ TY3251” marked on the deflector; Deflector material brass with chrome or painted white (non-magnetic); 5 mm Geissler glass bulb – “G” between two triangles on one side and lot number on the other side.
    To see photographs visit: http://ul.com/newsroom/publicnotices/ul-warns-of-counterfeit-fire-sprinkler-release-no-14pn-18/.
    Location: The sprinklers have been found in India. UL has not received reports of these counterfeit sprinklers in other locations.

News: (Scroll down for Calendar Items.)

Call for Nominations!
AFSA Awards
    The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) is accepting nominations for its top honors: the Henry S. Parmelee Award, the Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year Award, and the Young Professional of the Year Award. The awards will be presented during AFSA’s 36th Convention & Apprentice Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the recipients will be featured in Sprinkler Age magazine.
    The Henry S. Parmelee Award, AFSA’s highest honor, is given in recognition of an outstanding individual who has dedicated himself or herself to the professional advancement of the fire sprinkler industry and to the goal of fire safety through automatic sprinklers. Steve Muncy was the 2016 Henry S. Parmelee Award recipient. The nomination deadline is June 30, 2017.
    The Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year Award was created to honor individuals not directly involved in the fire sprinkler industry whose efforts have had national impact in advancing the fire protection industry and automatic fire sprinklers. Ed Altizer was the 2016 Advocate of the Year Award recipient. Nominations are due by March 31, 2017.
    The Young Professional of the Year Award honors the contributions of promising fire protection specialists under age 40, and serves to reaffirm the growing importance of fire sprinkler knowledge in the world of business and construction management. Meaghen Wills was the 2016 Young Professional of the Year Award recipient. Nominations are due by March 31, 2017.
    Also, the Fire Sprinklers Saves Lives Award, established in 1998, is presented to individuals or organizations outside the fire sprinkler industry who demonstrate understanding and appreciation of the life-saving capabilities of automatic fire sprinklers by generating positive exposure to the public. Chief Behlings was the 2016 Fire Sprinklers Save Lives Award recipient.
    Nominees do not need to be a member of AFSA to be eligible. A letter stating which award the nomination is for, the nominee’s name and contact information, and a brief statement of why he or she is deserving, is all that is required.
    Nominations must be submitted to AFSA President Frank Mortl III, CAE, frankm@firesprinkler.org, Fax 214-343-8898, or mail to: AFSA, Attn: Award Nominations, 12750 Merit Drive, Suite 350, Dallas, TX 75251.

Legislation to Block ‘Blacklisting’ Rule
    The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) commended the U.S. House of Representatives for passing legislation (H. J. Res. 37) that will block implementation of the Obama administration’s Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order 13673, commonly referred to as “blacklisting,” through the Congressional Review Act (CRA).
    Implementation of the blacklisting rule’s reporting and disclosure requirements was temporarily blocked on October  24, 2016, when a U.S. District Court judge for the Eastern District of Texas ruled in favor of ABC’s lawsuit and granted a preliminary injunction against the reporting provisions of the rule.
     Under the CRA, Congress may pass a resolution of disapproval to prohibit a federal agency from implementing a rule without congressional authorization with a majority vote in both houses of Congress. If President Trump signs the CRA resolution into law, it will block the blacklisting rule from taking effect and prevent future administrations from promulgating a similar rule - essentially permanently eliminating the rule.
    For more information contact: Jeff Leieritz, (202) 905-2104, leieritz@abc.org, Associated Builders and Contractors, 440 1st St., N.W., Suite 200, Washington, DC 20001; www.abc.org.

Construction Employment
    Construction employment increased by 36,000 jobs in January to the highest level since November 2008 as employers increased pay in an effort to address a chronic worker shortage, according to an analysis of government data by the Associated General Contractors of America. The association urged public officials to strengthen training and education programs to prepare more workers for careers in construction.
    “This report aligns with what contractors have been telling the association - that the construction industry is still eager to add workers,” said Ken Simonson, the association’s chief economist. “The employment gains would be even larger if there were enough workers with the right skills available to hire.”
    Average hourly earnings in construction increased 3.2% over the past year to $28.52 per hour.
    An association survey said 73% of the 1,281 participating contractors planned to add to their headcount in 2017.
    “Contractors have the ‘help wanted’ signs out and are offering good pay and benefits,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s CEO.
    For more details visit: www.agc.org.

Home Sprinklers Get a Break
    An article by Charles Roberts posted January 12, 2017, on www.highlandnews.net, Highland, California, said the East Valley Water District Board of Directors voted January 11, 2017, to stop charging residents with a separate meter charge for fire sprinklers.
    General Manager John Mura explained that many homes in the district have a separate water service for standby in case of fire.
    “Most of our residential meters are ¾", and that’s plenty to serve the sprinklers,” explained General Manager/CEO John Mura.
    So, residents with those separate sprinkler connections will no longer have to pay the $9 monthly standby charge.

New York
NYC Fire Fatalities Fall to Record Low
    2016 was the Big Apple’s safest year in terms of fire fatalities, according to the FDNY. The world’s busiest fire department reported 48 fire-related deaths, the lowest number since the city began recordkeeping in 1916. It represents a 19% decline over the 2015 numbers, and a 17% drop from the previous record low of 58 fire-related deaths in 2012. The FDNY also reported a 9% reduction in “serious fires.”
    “We pushed ourselves to save even more lives in 2016, and we’ve seen the outstanding results with a historic 100-year low for fire fatalities in our city,” said Fire Department of New York Commissioner Daniel Nigro.
    In addition to the significant and commendable work of the FDNY, fire sprinkler systems have also had a tremendous life and property savings impact in New York City. According to the National Fire Protection Association, water-based fire protection systems reduce fire deaths by 82% and property damage by 68%.
    “The coordinated efforts among the FDNY, its inspection unit, and the unionized fire suppression contracting industry have succeeded in achieving life-saving results. Aggressive improvements to fire code and public safety laws following the Happy Land Social Club fire in 1990, two deadly high-rise fires in 1998, and the Deutsche Bank fire in 2007, have collectively led to landmark changes which continue to save lives today,” said Anthony Saporito, Executive Vice President of Mechanical Contractors Association of New York.
    Passed in 1973, New York City Local Law 5 mandated that all high-rise office buildings in New York City that exceed 100’ tall have a sprinkler system or pressurized and compartmentalized stairwells. This legislation followed two fatal 1970 office building fires that resulted in five fatalities and dozens of injuries. That year, the city had 310 fire-related deaths. Since then, there has been a gradual and significant 85% reduction in fire fatalities leading to this record year.
    In 1999, Local Law 10 was passed, mandating the installation of fire sprinklers in all newly constructed multi-family dwellings with three or more units. It also applied to existing buildings undergoing alterations or renovations with costs totaling more than 50% of its value, and established stricter inspection and maintenance standards.
    “Sprinklers have repeatedly proved to save lives and reduce property damage, even before the Fire Department arrives on the scene. If trapped in a fire today, a victim has only about three minutes to get out because modern fires grow incredibly toxic and hot in just a matter of minutes,” said Patrick Dolan, Steamfitters Local 638 President.
    According to Underwriters Laboratories, fires today are more toxic and burn 800% faster because of petroleum-based synthetics in newer furnishings.
    “The record low number of fire fatalities indicates that New York City has continually worked to improve conditions for every generation. That’s what makes the Big Apple a national leader in fire safety,” said Robert Bartels, Jr., Steamfitters Local 638 Business Agent at Large.
    For more information contact: New York Fire Sprinkler Council, a division of Mechanical Contractors Association of New York, Inc., 44 West 28th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10001; (212) 481-1490, info@nymca.org.

Sprinkler Debate
    An article posted February 2, 2017, on www.cbs58.com, Milwaukie, Wisconsin, said a change in fire sprinkler requirements could mean an increase in insurance premiums for some.
    A local insurance company said the cost of renter’s insurance could go up as high as 5% a year if you live in an apartment building without sprinklers.
    The Department of Safety and Family Services has a proposal that would make it optional for buildings with fewer than 20 units to have sprinklers.
    That would help new construction builders who spend thousands on the systems.
    The president of the Wisconsin Association of Fire Chiefs says no fire sprinklers could make it unsafe for families and fire crews.
    Insurance agencies say many people use their renter’s insurance in cases of fires.
    “That’s part of the protective device discount that a customer can earn. If a little fire breaks out, and it’s got a sprinkler system, then it’s going to help contain that and keep it mainly in the kitchen. If you don’t have that, the amount of time that it’s takes a fire department to get there, it could be too late and it could be a total loss,” said Rich Dern, president, Dernco Insurance Superstore.
    The proposal still has to be approved by the state; right now, there is no timeline on when a decision will be made.
    The Wisconsin Builder’s Association says the new plan would make housing options more affordable for families.

Home Sprinklers OK
    An article by Gisele Winton Sarvis posted January 13, 2017, on www.enterprisebulletin.com, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, said builders will be encouraged to install sprinklers in any new residential builds in Clearview Township.
    Clearview council passed a motion to promote the voluntary installation of residential sprinklers as an important fire safety measure.
    Fire Chief Colin Shewell presented a report to council detailing the efficacy of sprinklers in saving lives and property damage to fire as well as allowing for discounted insurance.
    “I recommend that it be voluntary,” said Shewell, because sprinklers for residential builds are not yet provincial policy.
    However, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) has supported and advocated for the installation of residential sprinklers since 2005 and is pushing the province to make sprinklers mandatory in new construction, said Shewell.
    Vancouver is leading the country in this regard, as it made sprinklers a requirement for new construction in 1990. A report showed that residential sprink­lers reduced average fire losses by more than 90%. The city had experienced zero fire deaths in homes protected by working sprinklers during the 11-year study period.
    Across Canada, fire kills between 325 and 400 people a year and many more are seriously injured.
    Today’s homes contain cheaper, flammable materials that burn hotter and create toxic smoke when burning. It’s toxic smoke that causes the majority of fire deaths, said Shewell.
    “The average homeowner is unaware of how fast modern fires grow,” said the OAFC in Shewell’s report. “Fire doubles every minute. For example, two minutes equals four times the fire growth and five minutes equals 25 times the fire growth.”
    Shewell said it’s particularly important in today’s homes that are built in higher density including condos, townhomes, and semi-detached homes.
    “Working smoke alarms combined with a residential sprinkler system offer families the highest level of protection and the best opportunity for survival during a fire in a home,” the OAFC information states.
    Shewell said locally Quality Homes offers sprinklers as a choice for buyers.
    “If we can get them in the higher density homes . . . at the time you pick your upgrades to consciously make that choice . . . at 1% of the cost, you could protect yourself,” he said.
    Kevin Elwood said he installed sprink­lers in his home when renovating it several years ago.
    “We had a fire and it was saved by the sprinkler system. We had a very small loss,” he said, adding that his insurance company was “very happy.” He added that he gets a discounted rate of insurance because of the sprinklers.
    Shewell is planning to begin a campaign to promote residential sprinklers.
    Most seniors homes and nursing homes and many apartment buildings have sprinkler systems. All senior’s homes in the province must install them by 2018 and all publicly owned nursing homes must have them by 2025.

United Kingdom
Sprinkler Removal Plan = Lives at Risk
    An article by Robin Murray on February 3, 2017, in the Wiltshire Times, High Wycombe, United Kingdom, said residents have accused Selwood Housing of putting people’s lives at risk after it revealed plans to remove fire safety sprinklers from over 200 homes because they are too expensive to maintain.
    The housing association wrote to 212 households in Studley Green saying the sprinkler systems will be disconnected as they are ‘coming to the end of their lifespan.’
    Since the sprinklers were installed in 2001, in what was a pioneering, nationwide initiative championed by former BBC Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross, people living on the estate say they have prevented three house fires and saved two lives.
    John Alford, 81, who has lived in Studley Green for 58 years, said, “I cannot for the life of me understand why they want to remove the sprinklers, it’s absolutely ridiculous.”
    In a statement, Selwood said that the sprinkler installations cost £50,000 a year to maintain and posed a low level legionella risk.
    Alford added, “I’ve never heard such a feeble excuse in all my life, it’s absolutely stupid.”
    “People on the estate are really upset because they’ve enjoyed going to sleep with the knowledge their house isn’t going to burn down, but that won’t be the case anymore.”
    The sprinkler installation was a first in the U.K., promoted by Wiltshire’s then chief fire officer John Craig, who said, “It’s a retrograde step, and if I were a tenant I would be asking Selwood what the reason is for risking my family’s safety.
    “With regards to the risk of legionella, I’ve never heard that one before. Those sprinklers have saved at least one life – how does that compare to a low level risk of legionella?”
    Area manager Gus Cuthbert, the area commander for Wiltshire, said, “We have contacted Selwood Housing to see if there is any way we can work with them to keep the highest level of fire protection.
    “Domestic sprinklers can provide huge benefits to both communities and to businesses, as they control and contain fires, protecting premises, and greatly contributing to the safety of occupants.”
    David Oakensen, who was chairman of the former West Wiltshire Housing Society when the sprinklers were installed, said, “It was ground-breaking when they were put in and we were very proud of it.”
    A spokesman for Selwood Housing said, “We have identified that in order to safely maintain these systems over the next 20 years, we will need to spend £1m on them. We can put this money towards building new homes for people in housing need in Wiltshire.

Standpipe Rack Hose Video
    Supporting the association’s mission to save lives and protect property through fire safety education, the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association released an educational video on the features and benefits of standpipe rack hoses. This educational video provides an overview of standpipe rack hose systems and highlights the importance of these systems as part of balanced fire protection plan for buildings.
    “Incorporating a balanced fire protection design in commercial buildings helps to minimize safety risks by providing multiple channels for fire notification and protection,” says Duane Leonhardt, fire hose and interior equipment division chair. “Building owners, managers, and occupants play key roles in designing and executing fire protection plans, so we produced this video specifically with them in mind.”
    Standpipe rack hose systems are just one element of a complete balanced protection plan; other elements may include portable fire extinguishers, automated suppression systems, smoke detectors, and fire alarms.
    In addition to providing a summary of the components and operation of standpipe rack hose systems, the video also reviews the unique features of these systems, including: Quick suppression of fires; One-person operation; Minimal water damage; Pathway clearing for occupant rescue; Occupant protection during rescue.
    The educational standpipe rack hose video is available for viewing and sharing on YouTube and SlideShare.
    This standpipe rack hose video is the fourth educational video created and posted on the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association’s YouTube and SlideShare accounts. Other educational videos include: How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher, Your First Defense When Disaster Strikes (NFPA 1126) and UL300 – Protecting Commercial Kitchens.
    The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association is a more than 60 year-old non-profit trade association dedicated to saving lives and protecting property by providing education of a balanced fire protection design.
    For more information contact: Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, 1300 Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115; (216) 241-7333, www.femalifesafety.org.

Residential Fire Sprinklers Cost Report
    The cost to install home fire sprinklers in 51 homes in 17 communities averaged $1.35 per sprinklered square foot, down from the $1.61 average in 2008, according to a report conducted by Newport Partners (Newport) and released by the Fire Protection Research Foundation (the Foundation), an affiliate of the National Fire Protection Association. (Sprinklered square feet is a measure of total area of spaces with sprinklers.) The new report, Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment - 5 Year Update, provides a national perspective on the cost of installing home fire sprinklers.
    The primary purpose of the 2013 study was to review current home fire sprinkler costs against a 2008 benchmark study, Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment, also commissioned by the Foundation and conducted by Newport, to better understand the relationship between adoptions, various elements of cost such as installation and materials, how efficiency in design or installation may be introduced, and more.
      For more information visit: www.nfpa.org

UL & LPCB Warn of Counterfeit Fire Sprinkler
    The following is a notification from UL and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to distributors, contractors, fire departments, regulatory agencies, and authorities having jurisdiction that the fire sprinkler identified below bears a counterfeit UL Certification Mark for the United States and Canada, and a counterfeit LPCB Mark. The fire sprinkler has not been evaluated by UL or LPCB to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if the fire sprinkler complies with any safety requirements.
    For more information please see the following links:


Fire Sprinkler Calendar:

April 24-25 2017
Viking Product Seminar
Hastings, MI
Viking, www.vikinggroupinc.com

April 24-May 5, 2017
Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning School
Maricarmen Martinez, AFSA
(214) 349-5965 ext. 132

May 3-6, 2017
NFSA Annual Meeting & Exhibits
Red Rock, Las Vegas, NV
NFSA, www.nfsa.org

May 6, 2017
2nd Common Voices Golf Classic
Benefitting Common Voices
TPC Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Lorrell Bush, (352) 589-8402

May 8, 2017
SDFPA/SFPE Benefit Golf
Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA
Lucas McCusker, (760) 525-6847

May 8, 2017
24th Tony Bice Memorial Golf
Benefitting Three Burn Centers
Hoover Country Club, Hoover, AL
Alabama Fire Sprinkler Assoc.
Kelly Seewald, (205) 587-7246

May 9, 2017
SoCal Sprinkler Day IV
Balboa Park, Recital Hall
San Diego, CA
Rhonda Hill, (951) 326-4600

May 9, 2017
Webinar: Prompt Payment and How/When to Suspend Work
American Subcontractors Assoc.
(703) 836-3482, www.asaonline.com

May 9, 2017
GFSA General Meeting
SPP Pumps, Norcross, GA

May 10, 2017
NorCal/NV SFPE Golf
Benefitting Scholarships 
Tilden Park Golf Course, Berkeley, CA
Patrick Kogoma, (925) 997-3247

May 11, 2017
2017 CFPA Expo
Doubletree, Denver
Colorado Fire Protection Association

May 12, 2017
2017 CFPA Expo
Doubletree, Denver
Colorado Fire Protection Association

May 15-19, 2017
IN & KY Backflow Tester Certification
Fairfield, OH
Test Gauge Inc.
(317) 786-8990, (513) 816-7660

June 4-7, 2017
NFPA Annual Meeting & Exhibits
Boston Con & Exhibition Center

June 5, 2017
20th Dean Cornwell Golf Classic
Benefitting TFSCA Programs
Windtree G. Club, Mt. Juliet, TN
Tennessee Fire Sprinkler
Contractors Association
Wayne Waggoner, (865)755-2956

June 8, 2017
41st NFSA New Jersey
Chapter Golf Outing
Beaver Brook CC, Annandale, NJ
Matt Addeo, NJ FS Advisory Board
(866) 226-6006

June 8-10, 2017
Skins & Fins Spring Trip & Vendors Show (Classes, Golf, & Fishing)
Benefitting Association Programs
South Shore Harbour Course
League City, TX
Fire Sprinkler Contactors Association
of Texas (FSCATX), (281) 361-8069
(877) 894-3011, info@fscatx.org
Travis Hitzeman, (214) 674-6129

June 13, 2017
22nd IL Burn Prevention Golf
Mistwood Golf Club, Romeoville, IL
Illinois Burn Prevention Association
(815) 557-6961, ibpagolf@gmail.com

June 13, 2017
AFSA Chesapeake Bay Chapter
21st Annual Golf Tournament

Benefitting the National Fallen
Firefighters Foundation
Renditions, Davidsonville, MD
Robert Sell, robert.sell2@ferguson.com
Danielle Fowler

June 13, 2017
Webinar: Killer Contract Clauses
American Subcontractors Assoc.
(703) 836-3482, www.asaonline.com

June 20-21, 2017
4th Int’l Confer. on Tall Building
London’s FIREX Int’l
Ricky Abate, +33(0)20-7921-8192

June 26, 2017
30th AFSA Yankee Chapter
Golf Tournament

Benefitting Boston Shriners Burn Center
Fall River Country Club
Fall River, MA
Joshua Fitzgerald

June 30, 2017
11th Annual Burn Aid Golf Classic
For Tangier Shriners Transport. Fund
Willow Lakes Golf Course, Bellevue, NE
Melissa Donner, (402) 553-1221

July 10-21, 2017
Beginning FSS Planning School
Maricarmen Martinez, AFSA
(214) 349-5965 ext. 132

July 21, 2017
4th Annual GBA Charity Golf
Poppy Ridge Golf Club, Livermore, CA
Lorelei Sweet Upshaw
Greater Bay Area Chapter, AFSA
(209) 253-4000, lorelei@cafsa.org

August TBD, 2017
2017 Burn Invitational
The Ohio Fire Safety Coalition

Matthew Kuwatch: (216) 233-5014; or
Julie Schade: (216) 447-5677

August 8, 2017
GFSA General Meeting
SPP Pumps, Norcross, GA

August 11, 2017
AFSA San Diego Benefit Golf
BenefittingWounded Warrior Charity
Twin Oaks Golf C., San Marcos, CA
Rhonda Hill

August 14-25, 2017
Beginning FSS Planning School
Maricarmen Martinez, AFSA
(214) 349-5965 ext. 132

August 28, 2017
29th Burn Center Invitational
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, WI
Marty King, king@nfsa.org

September 12, 2017
21st Annual NFSA Minnesota
Chapter Burnaid Golf Classic

Benefitting  Burn Center
Dellwood Country Club, Dellwood, MN
NFSA Minnesota,  (651) 452-8506
Peg Bohn, pegbohn@gmail.com

September 18, 2017
Central Ohio Chapter SFPE/OSU
28th Burn Center Golf Outing

Benefitting Wexner Med. Center
Scioto Reserve Country Club, Powell, OH
Bob Dawson, (614) 561-8145

September 18, 2017
11th Michael Minger Golf Classic
Benefits Michael H. Minger Foundation
Hermitage Golf Course, Nashville, TN
Gail Minger, (850) 621-5161

September 18-19, 2017
Viking Product Seminar
Hastings, MI
Viking, www.vikinggroupinc.com

September 19, 2017
CASA Ontario Regional
Golf Tournament

For Camp BUCKO & SickKids Hospital
Lionhead Golf Club
Brampton, ON, Canada
Jo-Ann Gauthier, (905) 477-2270

September 20-21, 2017
17th Int’l Water Mist Conference
Rome, Italy
Bettina McDowell, M.A.
International Water Mist Association
tel. + 49 (0) 40 35085-215, fax + 49 (0) 40 35085-80, www.iwma.net

September 21, 2017
5th Annual AFSA NJ Chapter
Bob Young Benefit Golf Outing

Benefitting B. Young Scholarship Fund  & Phoenix Society
Galloping Hills Golf Club, Kenilworth, NJ
Al Zanga, (973) 679-1012
Gary Lederman, (914) 564-3916

September 24-27, 2017
AFSA Annual Meeting & Exhibits
The Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV
AFSA, www.firesprinkler.org

October 2, 2017
23rd KFSCA Benefit Golf Outing
For Burn Unit and Other Charities
University Club of Kentucky, Lexington
Angela Underwood, (502) 233-5322
angela@ksae.com, www.kfsca.org

October 2-13, 2017
Beginning FSS Planning School
Maricarmen Martinez, AFSA
(214) 349-5965 ext. 132

October 8-13, 2017
SFPE North America
Conference & Expo
(301) 915-9729, www.sfpe.org

October 9, 2017
28th Fscatx Charity Golf Classic
For TX Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Bear Creek Golf Club, Dallas, TX
Website: www.fscatx.org

October 10, 2017
2017 AFSA Burn Survivors Golf Tournament
Royal New Kent/Brickshire Golf, VA
George Wagner, AFSA VA Chapter
wagnerg@mindspring.com www.afsavirginia.com

October 10, 2017
GFSA General Meeting
SPP Pumps, Norcross, GA

October 11, 2017
23rd Ken Houston Memorial
Benefitting Wake Forest
Baptist Health’s Burn Center
Grandover, Greensboro, NC
AFSA Carolinas Chapter
John Turnage, (919) 624-3456

October 20, 2017
Mid Atlantic AFSA Casino Night
Benefitting Burn Foundation
Westover Country Club
Jeffersonville, PA
Heather Field, Executive Director

October 25-26, 2017
17th Int’l Water Mist Conference
Rome, Italy
Bettina McDowell, M.A.
International Water Mist Association
Tel. + 49 (0) 40 35085-215
Fax + 49 (0) 40 35085-80

October 26, 2017
2017 FSCA Charity Golf Tournament
Coyote Hills Golf Course
Fullerton, CA
Larry Seligman (626)673-5345

November 6, 2017
18th Bob McCullough
Golf Tournament

December TBD, 2017
Greater Bay Area AFSA 15th Gala
Poppy Ridge Golf Course
Livermore, CA
AFSA Greater Bay Area Chapter
Lorelei Sweet Upshaw, (925) 954-5031

December 12, 2017
GFSA Christmas Gathering
Hamilton Mill

Other Dates by Organization

American Subcontractors Association:

Fire Tech Productions, www.firetech.com 

May 9: Water-Based Level I, Webinar
May 16: Fire Pump I & T Workshop
May 16: Water-Based Layout Level I, Webinar
May 19: Success with NICET
May 31: Fire Pump I & T Workshop

National Fire Sprinkler Assoc., www.nfsa.org

May 9: Plan Review – Newton, MA
May 9: Intro to Sprinklers, etc. – West Point, NY
May 15-26: Layout and Design – Orlando, FL
May 16: Plan Review – Houston, TX
May 18: NFPA 25 – Houston, TX
May 23: Plan Review – Williamsville, NY
May 31 & June 2: NFPA 25 Enforcement
June 1: Pumps for Fire Prot. – Worcester, MA
June 13: NFPA 25 – Reading, PA
June 14: Fire Service Mains – Reading, PA
July 31- Aug. 11: Layout/Design – Denver, CO
Oct. 16-27: Layout/Design – Baltimore, MD

National Fire Protection Assoc., www.nfpa.org

Other Future Meeting Dates:

AFSA, www.firesprinkler.org
Sep. 24-27, 2017, Las Vegas, NV

Sep. 30-Oct. 3, 2018, Gaylord National, Washington, DC
Oct. 1-4, 2019, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA
Sep. 13-16, 2020, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, FL

CASA, www.casa-firesprinkler.org
May 3-6, 2017, Red Rock, Las Vegas, NV

NFSA, www.nfsa.org  
May 3-6, 2017, Red Rock, Las Vegas, NV

NFPA, www.nfpa.org
June 4-7, 2017, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

 Also Visit:
American Fire Sprinkler Association
National Fire Sprinkler Association
National Fire Protection Association
Fire Tech Productions
Oklahoma State University
Seneca College, School of Fire Protection


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Featured Websites

Relmark Group — Risk Management Advocates for Fire Sprinkler Contractors

"NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative" website: NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative

Helpful Website:
    The Building Code Resource Library website may be of interest! It is an electronic library on building fire protection at your fingertips.

    Website: http://buildingcoderesourcelibrary.com/

Fire Protection Educational and Training Resources:
Fire Smarts, LLC

Fire Sprinkler History:
"History of Mather & Platt Ltd." (And Grinnell) By Marcel Boschi + David Drew-Smythe: http://home.zipworld.com.au/~lnbdds/Boschi/

Certification: "The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)" For more information, visit theNICET website.

"Fire Sprinkler Coalition" For more information, visit the IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition website.

"Campus FireWatch" For more information, visit the Campus FireWatch website.

"Fire Sprinkler Academy" For more information, visit the Fire Sprinkler Academy website.

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