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Articles in FPC's October 2014 edition, includes:


Expert Witnessing
Be an Effective Expert Witness By Emily Sullivan and Sarah Baltzell
Reduce Your Risk: Pay Attention to the Details By James D. Rancourt
How to Survive a Deposition By Kelly P. Reynolds
Some Tips on Expert Witnessing By Clay Claiborne

Other Associations
Helpful Groups for the Fire Sprinkler Industry

Dormant System Restarts: Is There a Systematic Approach? From Jason Martin and Ken Wagoner
Other Voices: FYI: When Can a Plumber Install Fire Sprinklers? By James E. Art
Storage Protection: Part 2 General Requirements for Storage By John D. Campbell
Freeze Protection: Part 1 Fire Protection Systems for Freezers By Chris Gill
Promotion: Create an Educational “Fire Sprinklers Saves” Tree By Tom Lia

Construction Employment, Code Professionals Retirement Exodus, Private Insurance Exchange, ConsensusDocs New Offering, ICC on Buildings Under Construction, AG Sues Former Director of Fire Protection Licensing, Which Buildings Don't Have Sprinklers?, Fire Officials Blast Report on Residential Alarms & Sprinklers, Landlords/Builders to Disclose Sprinklers

Advertisers Index, Association News, Business Bits, Calendar, Cartoon, Classifieds, Codes & Standards, Collector's Corner, Company News, Dormant System Restarts, Economics, Editorial, Freeze Protection: Part 1, Letters, Literature, New Listings, New Products, NewsBriefs, Notebook, Other Voices, People, Promotion, Scripture, Seminars & Events, Storage Protection: Part 2, Subcontracting News, Subscription Service, Success Stories, What's Wrong with this Picture?, Workplace, and so much more!

Articles in FPC's September 2014 edition, includes:


Freeze Protection
Monitored Trace Heating By Robert Robertson
No More Iced Storage in Hanover By George J. McHugh with Chad Dubuc
Freeze Protection and Cold Storage By Nicky Marshall
Testing Antifreeze Loops By Kathy Widing
Dry Pipe Valve and System From Reliable
How to Reduce Liability During Inspections By Wilton Marburger

Fire Sprinkler Statistics Using the Facts to Promote Fire Sprinkler Installations! Compiled By FPC

Storage Protection: Part 1 Navigating the Storage Requirements in NFPA 13 By John D. Campbell, P.E., CFPS
Hangers: Structural Support Bracket By Kraig Kirschner
Success Story: “Thank God the fire sprinklers worked...”

Construction Unemployment, Fire Sprinklers for All Commercial Buildings?,Ottawa Nixes Home Sprinklers, Farm Fire Raises Questions, New Fire Safety Law, Panel Backs Change to Sprinkler Law, Sprinklers Required by 2017, Sprinkler Funds

Advertisers Index, Association News, Calendar, Cartoon, Classifieds, Collector’s Corner, Company News, Editorial, Hangers,
Holiday: Labor Day, Letters, New Approvals, New Products, NewsBriefs, Notebook, People, Scholarships, Scripture, Seminars & Events, Software, Storage Protection, Subscription Service, Success Stories, What’s Wrong with this Picture?, and so much more!

Articles in FPC's August 2014 edition, includes:


Person of the Year: David Killey Fire Busters, Inc. By FPC magazine
Hall of Fame Previous Honorees By FPC magazine

Promoting Fire Sprinkler Installations By Russ Fleming
Show and Tell By Fred Durso, Jr.
Director Julius Halas Believes in Fire Sprinklers From Lorrel Bush

Legal: Right to Repair Act Protects You from Arising After Owner Makes Repairs By Bruce D. Rudman
Scholarship: Manuel Orlich Recieves 2014 Thomas S. Waller Scholarship From CLSE
Benefit Report: 17th Annual Dean Cornwell Golf Classic From Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association

Study: Homeowners Prefer a Home with Sprinklers
Construction Spending
DiNenno Prize Created
New Educational Videos

Sprinklers Idea Disregarded
Home Sprinklers Advance
Assisted Living Facility Sued Over Broken Sprinkler
Sprinkler Ordinance Delayed
Isman Leaves NFSA
NW Fire Sprinkler Summit

Advertisers Index; Association News; Benefit Report; Business Bits; Calendar; Cartoon; Classifieds; Company News; Economics; Editorial; Hall of Fame; Legal; Letters; Literature; New Products; NewsBriefs; Notebook; People; Person of the Year; Scholarship; Scripture; Seminars & Events; Subcontracting News; Subscription Service; Success Stories; What's Wrong with this Picture?; and Workplace.

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