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ITM & an NFPA 25 Update

FPC will be featuring Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance (ITM) & an NFPA 25 Update in our February 2024 edition and we would like your input. Please send articles and items related to ITM and NFPA 25.

Articles will focus on Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance of fire sprinkler systems and the use of NFPA 25. We are looking to include:

  • Worst nightmare stories

  • Do’s and don’ts

  • Most common inspection mistakes, and ways to avoid them

  • Top 3-10 things to do when testing

  • Other ITM related items & articles

We also welcome any related advice, opinions, and analysis of facts related to Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance and NFPA 25.

Please submit articles and photographs for consideration by January 4, 2024.

                     (Extensions may be available if you contact us by the due date.)

Articles should be kept short (600-800 words or less) and should focus on facts and information that will help contractors. (*Please leave out the sales pitch.) Send us photos of inspections and testing taking place, and/or any related photos.

Note: Color photos will be considered for use on the cover (e-mailed photos should be separate attachments in .tif or .jpg, hi-res preferred.)

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss an article or this feature, please contact me.




Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine

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