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Bullhead Tees & Pipe Fittings

FPC will be featuring Bullhead Tees & Pipe Fittings used in Fire Sprinkler System Piping in our May 2023 edition and we would like your input! Articles may focus on products, services, installation techniques, and procedures related to tees and fittings used in Fire Sprinkler System piping. We will include advice, opinions, and analysis of facts related to tees and fittings used in these systems. Deadline: April 3, 2023

What are your favorites and why?

Articles should be kept short, preferably about 800 words. Please submit articles and photographs for consideration. (Note: color photos will be considered for use on the cover.)

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an article or this feature, please contact us.


FPC magazine

PO Box 370

Auburn, CA 95604

(530) 823-0706

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You should consider placing display advertising or perhaps a classified ad in this issue as it promises to be well read. For further information, contact Brant, Tami, or Leigh.

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