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How to Submit an Article for Publication

Ever wondered how you can participate in making the fire sprinkler industry better? Share your stories, expertise, thoughts, reactions, op eds, etc. Download our Editorial Guideline here.

Here's how:


How to prepare an article or news release for FPC:

Please e-mail articles to: Articles should be text (Word doc) only. Send high-resolution (300 dpi) graphics and photos as separate attachments.


TITLE. Be brief, six words or less.

SUB-TITLE. Optional, but helpful if your title can’t say enough about the subject.

BY-LINE. Author’s name.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR. A brief statement about the author, author’s title, and company. Include contact information and a photograph, if possible.


NEWS RELEASES. Brief, 200 words or less. Give facts and omit sales pitches. Answer the basic Who, What, When, Where, and Why questions with concrete, to-the-point sentences. End with company name, address and phone numbers, and contact name. Photo and caption submissions are encouraged.

FEATURE ARTICLES. Up to 600-800 words. Note: shorter articles are the most effective. Follow news release guidelines, but expand on and support the facts. Give opinions, but distinguish them clearly from facts. Write as you would speak to a colleague, in a clear, concise, and concrete manner. Give facts and omit sales pitches. Quotes from contractors are always good.

Articles and releases should be text (Word doc) only. Send high-resolution (300 dpi) graphics and photos as separate attachments.


1. PEOPLE NEWS: Send us news items about your activities in the fire sprinkler industry.

2. COMPANY NEWS: Send us news about fire sprinkler companies.

3. REACTION: Mail in your responses to FPC articles.

4. OTHER VOICES: An open forum for your view on any subject in the industry.

5. LETTERS: Write a signed letter to the editor.

6. CALENDAR: Submit information and dates for industry activities.

7. WATCHDOG: Inform us of actions taken to correct misleading news reports or media events.

8. NEW PRODUCTS: Introduce new products for use by fire sprinkler contractors.

9. LITERATURE: Send us brochures and flyers of interest to industry affiliates.

10. NEW LISTINGS & APPROVALS: Concerning products used in the industry.

11. SPRINKLER INDUSTRY DIRECTORY: Take advantage of free products/services listings.

12. FEATURE ARTICLES: Send an article with photos of an installation, a company

profile, or a technical report.

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