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Before and After Photos & Stories

Deadline: May 1, 2022

FPC will be featuring the Before and After Photos and Stories in our June 2022 edition and we would appreciate your input. We would like photos with captions and stories about fire sprinkler systems that were “problematic” with an explanation of the problem and how it was resolved.

If you don’t have photos, please do tell us a story about a difficult installation, or a story about an inspection, testing, maintenance, or repair of a fire sprinkler system.

Do you have a photo you would like published? If so, please send it to us with a brief description.

Do you have any other comments concerning the fire sprinkler industry?

Please include the following information:



City, State:

Do you wish to remain anonymous?

We have never published the name of anyone who told us they wished to remain anonymous.

Please send us your comments and photos by May 1, 2022. Photos should be high resolution files, and sent as separate attachments (jpg preferred).

*We would like to hear about any interesting or unusual fire sprinkler installations.

Yours, for a better fire sprinkler industry,

Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine

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