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Fire Prevention Week Activities


Side by side burn demonstration trailer

FPC will be featuring Fire Prevention Week activities related to fire sprinklers in our August edition, and we need your input.

   Articles will focus on any and all activities related to the promotion of fire sprinklers.

    Please tell us what you will be doing or what you have done to promote fire sprinkler installations during Fire Prevention Week.

   Also, please send photos of Fire Sprinkler Demonstrations and promotional activities!


   Please submit articles and photographs for consideration by July 1, 2024. (Please send items even if past deadline.)

   Articles should be kept short (800 words or less; just a photo and caption would be good). Focus on facts and information that will benefit others who may want to imitate your efforts.

   Please send us photos of fire sprinkler promotional activities, including booths, displays, posters, literature, and demonstrations. Photos may be e-mailed, as separate attachments, in .tif or .jpg format; they should be high resolution files.

   If you have any questions or would like to discuss an article or this feature, please contact me.


Yours for a better fire sprinkler industry,


Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine

(530) 823-0706, 


PS:  Please tell us what’s new? Where was your last fire sprinkler demonstration? When and where is your next demonstration? Have you made any changes to your trailer or presentation? What is planned for the coming months? What kind of response are you getting? Are you planning any demonstrations during Fire Prevention Week?

   Please send us any photos on fire sprinkler promotion, from the past, present, or future!

We are also featuring our annual Person/Organization of the Year. Who will it be?? Stay tuned!



1. PEOPLE NEWS: Send us news items about your activities in the fire sprinkler industry.

2. COMPANY NEWS: Send us news about fire sprinkler companies.

3. REACTION: Send your responses to FPC articles.

4. OTHER VOICES: An open forum for your view on any subject in the industry.

5. LETTERS: Write a signed letter to the editor.

6. CALENDAR: Submit information and dates for industry activities.

7. WATCHDOG: Inform us of actions taken to correct misleading news reports or media events.

8. NEW PRODUCTS: Introduce new products for use by fire sprinkler contractors.

9. LITERATURE: Send us brochures and flyers of interest to industry affiliates.

10. NEW LISTINGS & APPROVALS: Concerning products used in the industry.

11. GUEST EDITORIAL: Write a Guest Editorial on issues, problems, and concerns facing the industry.

12. FEATURE ARTICLES: Send an article with photos of an installation, a company profile, or a technical report.

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