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Fire Sprinkler Industry: Myths, Marvels, & Legends

FPC will be featuring Myths, Marvels, & Legends of the Fire Sprinkler Industry in our October 2022 edition, and we would appreciate your input.

Deadline: September 1, 2022 (*Please send items, even if it is late, and let us know if you’re planning to send.)

Please send us stories, articles, anecdotes, and/or just a photograph with a caption. We want to hear about people, places, and things related to the fire sprinkler industry, including interesting stories and humorous happenings.

Articles should be 800 words or less. A simple paragraph is often enough.

Original photos will be scanned and returned by request. Photos may be e-mailed, as separate attachments, in .jpg format; they should be high-resolution files.

Myths include one of your favorite stories about people, places, and things in the fire sprinkler industry… (We don’t need to rehash common fire sprinkler myths.)

Marvels include fantastic stories, super success stories; greatest installations; installation records (i.e., 10 heads per hour).

Legends include stories about people or events that may be considered remarkable (even legendary!).

(See our Sample MML Flyer.)

Stories, articles, and anecdotes, may include:

  • A “When I started in this industry” story…

  • Stories about an old fire sprinkler installation…

  • A story about your first job, mentor, and/or coworkers; or a practical joke…

  • All ideas and thoughts are welcome.

Please send items and any related photographs by September 1, 2022. Contact us for deadline extensions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours, for a better fire sprinkler industry,

Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine

PO Box 370, Auburn, CA 95604

(530) 823-0706,


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