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Campus Fire Sprinklers and Housing

FPC will be featuring Campus Fire Sprinklers and Housing in our October 2022 edition and we would appreciate your input.

Please send us articles and news items on Campus Fire Sprinklers and Housing.

This may include:

● An installation report with photos and captions — a few photos with simple explanatory captions is enough.

● An applications article or “How To” article, showing how products were used or how problems were overcome.

● We also welcome commentary, analysis, and opinions on various aspects of Campus Fire Sprinklers and Housing.

Please send articles of 800 words or less, plus any related photographs with captions, by September 1, 2022. Color photographs will be considered for our cover. (Please let us know if you plan to send us something for this or a future edition, deadline extensions may be available.)

Thank you for your consideration.

Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine

(530) 823-0706

P.S. — You should consider placing display advertising or perhaps a classified ad in this issue as it promises to be well read.

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