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SURVEY: National Market Conditions

Please take a few moments to answer one or more of the following questions.

Results will be included in our annual National Market Conditions Report in an upcoming edition.

You can hit the button below for an easy to fill in form or copy and paste the questions along with your answers to the questions below by November 1, 2023. Please e-mail your responses to: Please forward along to others in the industry that may be interested!

1.) How is business?

2.) What is the outlook for your business for the next six to twelve months?

3.) What is the main type of work going on in your region?

(How are various markets doing: Warehouse, Commercial, Residential?)

4.) What is the biggest problem you are facing in the industry today?

(What is difficult for you, or for your company to deal with?)

5.) What type of work do you think will be busy in the months/years ahead?

6.) Is there something that you would like Fire Sprinkler Associations to do, or address?

7.) Other comments:

Please include the following information:



City, State:

Do you wish to remain anonymous?

We have never published the name of anyone who told us they wished to remain anonymous.

Thank you very much,

Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine

PO Box 370, Auburn, CA 95604

Call, Text, or E-mail: (530) 823-0706,,

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