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Trends in Construction

We would appreciate it very much if you could provide us with a paragraph or two, or a short article, on Trends in the Fire Sprinkler Industry and/or the Construction Industry.

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine will cover Trends in our February 2024 edition, and we need your input.

If you like, you may simply answer one, or more, of the following questions:

   (Please feel free to skip any questions and/or add any comments.)

  •  Who are the trendsetters in the fire sprinkler industry?

  •  What are the top trends in the fire sprinkler industry?

  •  What trends in construction will affect fire sprinkler contracting, and why?

  •  When do you think the next significant change will occur in the fire sprinkler industry?

  •  What do you think that significant change might be?

  •  What trend in fire sprinkler contracting do you like or dislike, and why?


Articles or comments should be 200-800 words and are needed by January 4, 2024.

(Please let us know as soon as you can if you will be sending us something.)


Please contact me with any questions, or to discuss an article or this feature.

Thank you,


Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC magazine

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