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Use of BIM and 3D in the Fire Sprinkler Industry

Article/Comments Request: FPC will be featuring BIM & 3D in the Fire Sprinkler Industry in our June 2024 edition and we would like your input.

Please send us comments and articles (800 words or less) that address how fire sprinkler contractors, designers, and engineers are using 3D software and systems and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

We would like to hear about the pros and cons, problems, issues, and concerns related to fire sprinkler systems and these technologies, systems, and software. Share stories of your favorite - or worst nightmare - projects and what you learned from them.

Please submit comments, articles, and photographs for consideration by May 2, 2024 (please contact us for possible extensions).

Note: Color photos will be considered for use on the cover.


How is/has BIM and 3D technology revolutionizing the Fire Sprinkler Industry?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an article or this feature, please contact me.

Brant Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC magazine

(530) 823-0706


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