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Water Issues - Survey

Editorial Input Request: Water Issues Questions

Dear Fire Protection Professional:

FPC will be featuring Water Issues related to fire sprinkler systems in our July 2022 edition and we would appreciate your input. Reply by June 1, 2022. (Please contact us for extensions.)

Please answer one or more of the following questions:

Who is the best water purveyor you have worked with and why?

What is typical in costs, etc., with water meters and fees for fire sprinklers systems?

When do you contact the water purveyor in the quote or installation process?

Why do some water purveyors charge so much for fire sprinkler connections?

Other Comments?

We welcome thoughts on anything that is helpful, useful, or of interest to fire sprinkler contractors.

We are also interested in discussions on Water Meters, Water Fees, Water Drainage, and/or how Drought may affect fire protection systems water supply or system installations.

Please send us articles, news, photos (including old photos), and related items.

Thank you for your consideration!

Yours, for a better fire sprinkler industry,

Brant R. Brumbeloe, Editor

FPC/Fire Protection Contractor magazine

PO Box 370

Auburn, CA 95604

(530) 823-0706

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