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A Moving Response to the Uvalde, TX Tragedy

"The sun came up again today and shown across our great land. It brings a new day with much to do. Many obligations, distractions and annoyances for us to navigate as we pursue our dreams of a better life for ourselves and our families.

"At Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, dreams have been shattered, lives of the innocent have been lost and loved ones are struggling with unimaginable grief. For the rest of us, the bitterness of this vicious injustice weighs heavy on our hearts, but in a few days, will give way to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

"Tragically, the victims of this atrocity and their families will never be the same. What has been taken from them cannot be restored accept through the Love, Grace, and Hope of Jesus Christ.

"Politicians and pundits will use this to promote agendas that divide us and distract from the real causes of such surreal events. We cannot allow the small elements of evil that exist in our society to define us or control our lives. We are a country of good, honest, hardworking people. We have been blessed with more opportunity and comforts than any other people in history. These blessings came through the sacrifices of others that believed in the virtues of liberty and that good would always triumph over evil.

"While the gravity of this sad day is still upon us, let us please pray for those lost, their families and those still fighting for their lives. Let us lift them up and share for a few moments in their grief. Let us look at our children and grandchildren with renewed appreciation and affection. And let us never forget from where all blessings come."

"Lord please take those who were lost into your arms. Please comfort them and their loved ones. Help the wounded heal and the scars of this day to fade with time. Help them to remember all that is good and just in this world and bring them Peace. In Jesus name, Amen"

- Anonymous

Fire Sprinkler Contractor

In response to the Uvalde, TX tragedy

May 2022

Shared with permission

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