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Modern Workplace

Editorial Input Request

Requesting Articles on the Modern Workplace

Deadline: February 1, 2022 (Please contact us by 2/1 so we can save you space.)

Dear Fire Sprinkler Industry Professional:

FPC will be featuring the Modern Workplace in our March 2022 edition and we would like your participation. We would be pleased with any information you can provide related to the modern workplace; how it is now and how it has changed.

Please send us items, articles, checklists, or other information on the modern workplace. This may include news, analysis of the news, opinions, and any related photographs.

Color photographs will be considered for our cover.

We value your input and need your help to positively influence the fire sprinkler industry.

To include your information in our March 2022 edition, we would need to receive your materials by February 1, 2022. Items received later will be considered for publication in future editions. Please send something — even if it is just a comment on the subject.

We hope you are able to make the time to provide us with some information. When we publish your article, it will be viewed and discussed by the most diverse audience in the fire sprinkler industry — the readers of FPC.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours for a better fire sprinkler industry,

Brant Brumbeloe


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