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Q: How to Work Best with Other Trades?

FPC will feature Trade Relations in our July 2024 edition and we need your input.

Deadline: June 1, 2024 (Contact us for extensions; items received after may be published later)

Stock photo. Construction workers meeting.

We are looking for any commentary, opinions, and advice on how fire sprinkler contractors may best work with other trades while installing or preparing to install fire sprinkler systems.

You may wish to write a by-lined feature article or simply answer one or more of the following questions (feel free to skip any question or even add one):


What are some of the problems and concerns fire sprinkler contractors encounter with other trades?



What are some of the ways these problems and concerns with other trades are dealt with?



Which other trades present the most problems or conflicts?



Who is your best ally in dealing with such problems?



What is the best way to avoid conflicts, problems, and concerns with other trades?



Please send us information on fire sprinkler contractors working with other trades, including news, analysis of the news, opinions, and any related photographs.


And, when you send us photos of fire sprinkler contractors working with other trades (this may include a group shot at a jobsite or a planning meeting), such photographs will be considered for our cover.


Thank you for your help.


Yours for a better fire sprinkler industry,


Brant R. Brumbeloe




1. PEOPLE NEWS: Send us news items about your activities in the fire sprinkler industry.

2. COMPANY NEWS: Send us news about fire sprinkler companies.

3. REACTION: Send your responses to FPC articles.

4. OTHER VOICES: An open forum for your view on any subject in the industry.

5. LETTERS: Write a signed letter to the editor.

6. CALENDAR: Submit information and dates for industry activities.

7. WATCHDOG: Inform us of actions taken to correct misleading news reports or media events.

8. NEW PRODUCTS: Introduce new products for use by fire sprinkler contractors.

9. LITERATURE: Send us brochures and flyers of interest to industry affiliates.

10. NEW LISTINGS & APPROVALS: Concerning products used in the industry.

11. GUEST EDITORIAL: Write a Guest Editorial on issues, problems, and concerns facing the industry.

12. FEATURE ARTICLES: Send an article with photos of an installation, a company profile, or a technical report.

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